Saturday, 24 December 2011

BAZZA vs WILD Sneak Preview

This is an official sneak preview of the epic survival series Bazza vs Wild. Watch as Bazza Buttercup faces nature in its rawest and shows off his incredible survival skills the way it should be done!

Follow Bazza's adventure for special tips and techniques to help you be triumphant in your battles against ferocious flora and fauna out there in the wild.

For more info on the man Bear Grylls admires and wants to spoon, check out

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

National Year of Reading 2012

Next year I am taking part in the National Year of Reading, an initiative aimed at improving the literacy skills of Australians, with nearly half the population at an unacceptable level of illiteracy. As an author of young adult fiction books, I'll be visiting schools and libraries to spark some interest in reading, or reignite a lost passion. I'll also be holding a book drive to collect books for underprivileged kids. Read on to find out more about this fantastic initiative and how you can help.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Reader Views feature

The long journey to publish Facing Demons has recently come to an end following its release in mid-October. Since I've been back from Europe I've been busy finalizing proof copies, book covers, and upping my marketing efforts. With help from Reader Views - a fantastic book publicity company, I've had my book reviewed, press releases sent out and have been interviewed.

Reader Views is currently featuring me this week via their website and newsletter. Use the following links to have a look!

Author interview (conducted by Tyler R. Tichelaar)

Reader Views home page feature

Reader Views newsletter

Reader Views Kids home page feature

I have also made a book trailer:

Facing Demons can be bought from most online retailers or ordered through your local bookstore if not stocked. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are selling it for half the listed price at the moment so get your copy today!

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Barnes & Noble

Ebook versions will be available by mid-November.

Well I'm on night-shift tonight so I better go have a nanny-nap!

Take care all and happy reading,


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Facing Demons flyer

What a perfect way to follow up a post about the legends at Beanpole Productions - with a spectacular flyer they designed for Facing Demons! Look at it, download it, show everyone, but most of all - enjoy!

This is a great example of an effective way for any author to market their books. I'll be taking this flyer with me on my Europe trip next week and dropping it wherever appropriate (without littering of course). I've also got bookmarks with a very similar design that I'll give out too.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Amazing Talent Showcase: Beanpole Productions

This is the first of many Amazing Talent Showcases I'll be doing. Each week I'll pick an author, artist, producer or small business whose brilliance and imagination are well worth a mention.

Today's amazingly talented person is Benny Dowie from Beanpole Productions.

Beanpole Productions is a South Australian based film and design studio who "love to create amazing and unique work."

Benny is the founder and owner of Beanpole Productions, and the mastermind behind all the spectacular creations. Beanpole's work involves filming, editing, special effects, and graphic design for a range of clients such as local bands' video clips, US longboard company Orangutang, and most recently a contract to film several promotional videos for wineries across Australia and New Zealand. Benny also does some freelance work and is often called up by other local film production companies who wish to take advantage of his amazing skill set.

So, before I finish up by giving you some links of where to connect with Beanpole Productions and watch all of their epic videos, how about sitting back and relaxing for a few minutes and enjoy the video SLIDE - A longboarding video by Benny which has received over a quarter of a million views on YouTube and Vimeo.

Go find Beanpole Productions on:

Or visit their website at