Friday, 20 May 2011

Amazing Talent Showcase: Beanpole Productions

This is the first of many Amazing Talent Showcases I'll be doing. Each week I'll pick an author, artist, producer or small business whose brilliance and imagination are well worth a mention.

Today's amazingly talented person is Benny Dowie from Beanpole Productions.

Beanpole Productions is a South Australian based film and design studio who "love to create amazing and unique work."

Benny is the founder and owner of Beanpole Productions, and the mastermind behind all the spectacular creations. Beanpole's work involves filming, editing, special effects, and graphic design for a range of clients such as local bands' video clips, US longboard company Orangutang, and most recently a contract to film several promotional videos for wineries across Australia and New Zealand. Benny also does some freelance work and is often called up by other local film production companies who wish to take advantage of his amazing skill set.

So, before I finish up by giving you some links of where to connect with Beanpole Productions and watch all of their epic videos, how about sitting back and relaxing for a few minutes and enjoy the video SLIDE - A longboarding video by Benny which has received over a quarter of a million views on YouTube and Vimeo.

Go find Beanpole Productions on:

Or visit their website at

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